Fake Online High School Issues a High School Diploma to a Dog.

A recent investigation through Houston’s News Channel KHOU, a fake online high school, Lincoln High School, has issued a high school diploma to a Dog. Please click This Link to watch the news cast.

A recent TV News investigation  (This Link to watch the news cast)  found that Lincoln High School Online, issued a high school diploma to a Dog. Lincoln is one of many online high schools that issues a high school diploma based on easy online (un-procotred) testing. The problem is that Lincoln Online High School, like many other fake, unaccredited high schools, it that Lincoln Online lacks accreditation from a State or US Department of Education or a State Recognized accreditor. This presents problems for the students when trying to get into college or gain employment with their diploma.

Don’t be left out to the Dogs. Do your homework when choosing an online high school. With all of the diploma mills operating online, employers and colleges alike, now default to Government recognized accreditation through a Regional Agency such as AdvancED or the DETC, or State Public High School or GED testing centers.

It is important for students to choose a school that has recognized accreditation.

Here is the list of Valid Accrediting Agencies as Recognized by CHEA and the US Department of Education.

-Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

-New England Association of Schools and Colleges

-North Central Association of Colleges and School

-Northwest Accreditation Commission for primary and secondary schools.

-Western Association of Schools and Colleges

-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

-Distance Education Training Council (DETC)

-All State Departments of Education

If your online high school doesn’t have accreditation from one of the above mentioned agencies, they do not have accreditation that will be widely accepted by colleges and employers.

Please call of office at (952) 465-3700 for more details for for information concerning accreditation.


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