Exploring The Benefits Of Dual Enrollment

Preparing for college is an exciting time in a young person’s life, and it can be even more exciting when they get to experience college courses while they are in high school. Participating in dual enrollment in order to earn college credits while you’re in high school is a great way to get a feeling for the level of work college will require.

At Excel High School, students have the choice to choose from over 20 ACE college courses that will apply to both high school and to ACE colleges.


College courses are generally 3 credits a piece, and the average cost for a single credit hour (of 3) is about $559. That makes the average college course over $1600. It’s no wonder so many students are searching for alternatives to their college educations. 

When it comes to earning ACE credits at Excel, the cost of each full individual course is only $249. That’s only about 15% of the cost of a course taken on a traditional four-year college or university. 

Imagine the cost efficiency when you can take these courses at such a minimal rate before you even graduate from high school!

Course Variety

You’ve got quite the variety of courses to choose from through Excel’s ACE college credit program, too. You can take ACE English Composition I or ACE American Literature I. Not only will those English courses count toward college credits at accepting colleges, but you can use them for your high school credits as well. 

When you’re college bound, you have to take a solid four years of math. Through ACE credits, you can add College Algebra to your high school credits, making that one fewer class to take once you head off to university.

You are also expected to take U.S. History and Government during high school, and ACE offers U.S. History and American Government. Instead of your high school credit Economics class, you can substitute ACE Micro-, Macro-, and regular Economics.

You can explore career interests while earning college credits as well. ACE offers Accounting, Business, several economics courses, and a variety of entry level law classes. You can learn about Criminal, Business, Bankruptcy, or Injury Law. You can even explore Sociology, Biology, or Marketing. 

Getting Ahead

If you plan to attend a college or university that accepts ACE credits, you can take plenty of classes during your high school career to allow you to skip plenty of time toward our college degree. 

In fact, ACE offers enough English courses for you to take college credit English in both Junior and Senior years. You can take college level Social Studies credits during Junior and Senior years. You can take a college level science and college level math during your senior year. With the variety of electives we have to offer, a good portion of your Junior year courses and all of your Senior year courses can be replaced by college credit bearing classes that will save you time and money in the long run.

If you attend a college that accepts ACE credits, you can potentially graduate with 33 credits or more toward your college career. At the current average per-credit cost of college courses, that number of credits would cost over $18,000 if you took the courses on a traditional college campus. 

With ACE college credits taken during high school, you can save both thousands of dollars and semesters of your life as you work toward earning your college degree.

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