Excel College is Approved by the State Office of Higher Education

For Immediate Release

Edina, MN

After many months of review by the State of Minnesota, Office of Higher Education, Excel College has been granted State Approval to begin operations as a State Registered College; serving students in Minnesota and worldwide. It has been part of the business expansion plans for Excel Group to enter into the post-secondary market in 2013. Excel College will offer online college degree programs in General Studies and Business.  Excel College offers certificate, associate, bachelor and master degree programs 100% online.

Excel College’s model is focused on offering affordable, quality online degree programs that allow every student the opportunity to earn a college degree; without the burden of large financial aid debt. Excel College offers low monthly tuition installments (interest free-pay as you go) with the idea that students will make their last tuition payment before they graduate with a recognized college degree. Excel College students will hit the ground running after they graduate; and will not the worry of repaying large student loans that acquire interest over time.

Excel College is proud to become Minnesota’s newest post-secondary institution and will be a part of one of the nation’s best college systems. Minnesota has always been recognized as having some of American’s best colleges and universities.  Excel’s executive committee has aggressive plans for growth, and lays its success on serving students best interests first. Excel College realizes that high tuition costs are preventing many students from achieving an Associate, Bachelor or Master degree. With Excel’s affordable, pay as you go plan, students will finally be able to afford a college degree.

Excel College plans to launch their first courses in the Fall of 2013.  Questions or comments can be directed to Excel College at (952) 465-3700.

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