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Should you wait to make your college decision? Reasons Why You Should Decide on a College Sooner Rather than Later

Deciding which college to attend is something that most high school students don’t want to consider too late. Delaying your college decision may not be beneficial, and research supports narrowing down your post-secondary plans by junior year. Even though you may not be ready to pack your bags and move into your college dorm, high school is a great time to start earning college credits. Most American high schools offer a variety of ways students can earn college credits. Students should take advantage of college in high school and earn as many college credits as possible.

Here are some essential reasons why you should start considering taking college credits in high school:

1. It Will Save You Money

The average cost of college credit at a state school $200-$300 per undergraduate credit, which is about $ 38,000 for a bachelor’s degree. This does not include room and board. Earning college credits while enrolled in high school will save tuition expenses. For example, earning college credit at Excel about $65 per credit, so you can see how this will easily save time and tuition cost. Attending college in high school will save thousands in tuition and can shave off a year or more of college.

2. Saved Time Means Less Debt

For each semester you spend in college, you will incur more student debt. Many students struggle to get through a bachelor’s degree within four years. Earning college credits in high school allows students to comfortably finish their degree on schedule and, in many cases, graduate college early. Earning college credits in high school is like money in the bank. College in high school will remove a great deal of the stress of college. You will have less work pressure with coursework and more time to enjoy the experience.

3. Preparation for College Studies

Accumulating college credits in high school is not easy. You will be taking college-level courses are, and this means the course work is more rigorous than standard high school. Earning college credits is accomplished by demonstrating the same level of knowledge, understanding, and competence as students attending college on a university campus. 

When attending college in high school, teachers possess the right credentials to teach at the college level and will expect students to perform accordingly. Studying to earn college credits in high school has tremendous academic and financial value. You will discover how well you will cope with college-level courses. You will learn to deal with the additional workload and how to balance your time and your studies. Taking college credits in high school will help you prepare for your life in college.

4. Improve Your Chances of Attending the College of your Choice

There is intense competition for placement at the best colleges. Your high school grades may be great, and you may have high ACT/SAT scores, but often good grades and standardized testing alone are not enough to secure a place in university. Students applying for the same colleges are likely to have the same grades as you, if not better, so you need an edge to stand out. Earning college credits in high school will demonstrate that you are motivated, show initiative, and be capable of dealing with college-level coursework. Earning college credits in high school can be the difference between acceptance and denial at your college of choice.

How to Start Earning College Credits

Starting a college credit in high school program is easy. You need to speak with your guidance counselor as soon as possible and develop a plan of what college courses you plan on taking. Some of the most common college credit pathways include the following:

  • Dual Credit. The dual enrollment online path is also known as dual enrollment. This plan allows students to take college credits in high school through a sponsored college.
  • Start College Now. PSEO. There is a program available for high school students in Minnesota to attend a post-secondary institution while in high school. This program is called PSEO and is offered statewide and nationwide.
  • High School Academies. This path is similar to Dual Credit. Students can earn college credits by taking a group of classes centered around a specific subject.

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