Don’t Settle for a GED ® When you Can Earn A High School Diploma Online

Many adults believe that the only one way to complete high school is to take a GED test and settle for a High School Equivalency Credential. The truth is that anyone over the age of 18 is still eligible to earn a nationally recognized and fully accredited high school diploma online. The truth is that adults are still able pick up where you left off, earn the remaining credits required to earn your fully accredited high school diploma online.

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Statistics show that people who earn an accredited high school diploma make a significantly higher wage than high school dropouts. Further studies demonstrate that those with a high school diploma out achieve drop outs and GED holders, respectively. You don’t have to settle. You can still graduate and earn an accredited high school diploma.

Many students find that completing an accredited high school diploma online is a better experience than working toward a GED credential in person. Studying online is often more convenient and flexible when compared to attending GED courses in a physical classroom. We often hear that GED prep courses are overcrowded and students complain that they do not get enough individualized instruction. The GED works well for many adults, but for others, it is simply not a great option to complete high school.
Excel High School online courses are based on Common Core Standards to help students learn and master high school subject matter. More importantly, courses offered through Excel High School were created to help students prepare for success in college and career.

Students’, who dropped out of highs school and opted for a GED credential, often feel a social stigma attached to having GED. Most adults strongly prefer to have a high school diploma over a GED, so why settle for anything less? You don’t have to. Excel High School will be able to help you reengage in your high school studies. Once you enroll at Excel, we will get your previous high school records transferred to EHS and you will be on your way to completing high school. No high school credits? No problem. Students are still able to enroll and start in 9th grade courses online, on a faster track program. When it comes to adult education online, Excel High School & College provides options. Excel serves students from grades six through a college education. In addition to being a Regionally accredited high school, Excel is also a State Registered College offering affordable college degrees online. Once you complete your high school studies through Excel High School, why not consider continuing with Excel College?

If you need a way to graduate from High School, you don’t need to settle for a GED. We can still help you graduate from high school from the comfort of your own home. Excel High School offers low cost tuition that anyone can afford. If it is your time to finish high school, consider attending school online with a leader.

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