College Without a High School Diploma

College Without a High School Diploma – Become a College Student today!

No High School Diploma or GED? Attend Excel High School & College and earn a High school Diploma and an Associate Degree Online—simultaneously.

Excel High School is pleased to announce the launch of our Adult PSEO (Post-Secondary Enrollment Option) for students interested in earning both a High School Diploma and College Degree online. How does it work? If you are an adult and you have completed the 10th grade, you can take your remaining credits through Excel College and earn both a Regionally accredited high school diploma from Excel High School; and an Associate Degree from Excel College.  This is a great option for adults that want to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree simultaneously. The dual enrollment option for your high school diploma online and college degree online saves you both time and money. You can complete your high school and college degree program faster than you may think. This option will save you two years of class time and thousands of dollars in tuition.

Program Admission Requirements:

PSEO students must be age 18+.

PSEO students must have completed a minimum of 12-semester high school credits, with a GPA of 2.5 (C+) or higher. The credits will transfer into Excel High School for admissions into the College for Post -Secondary Enrolment Option.

Students must be able to perform at a College freshman level and be committed to completing their high school diploma and college degree online.

Adult students must complete the academic readiness assessment after enrollment. (No charge)

Tuition is $ 199 a month (total) for both high school and college enrollment.

Enrollment is Easy!

  • Enroll in Adult PSEO
  • Excel High School staff will order and review your previous high school transcripts.
  • You will be placed in college courses at Excel College to begin earning high school and college credits toward high school and college graduation.
  • After completing 8-quarters through Excel College, you will earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree through concurrent enrollment.

Save both time and money. Enroll today in Adult PSEO and start your journey toward earning your high school diploma and associate degree online. Questions, please call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-620-3844.

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