Choosing an Online High School

The 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks revolves around a fictional peewee hockey team called the Ducks.  The archrival of the Ducks is the Hawks, who’s star player is Adam Banks.

After doing a little research, it’s discovered that due to districting lines, Banks should actually be playing for the Ducks, not the Hawks, and thus is forced to leave his team against his will.  While the situation ends up working out in Banks’ favor, the same is not always true for kids in real life.

Districting lines have determined what schools students go to for generations.  Choosing a school has never been an option for most until they went to college.  But with modern times, we have online high schools where districts (and even state borders) don’t matter.

But how does one go about finding a high school online?

After all, choosing a high school is much different than choosing a college, and not just because you might not be used to it.  So what are the criteria?  What should you aim for?

It varies from person to person, but we’ve listed a few things here to consider.

Consideration for Choosing an Online High School


This should always be the first thing you check.  If a school doesn’t have accreditation, it’s diploma is worthless.  These places are called diploma mills.  They take your money and issue you a piece of paper that will never help you get a job or get into college.

Full Time or Part Time

When you’re in a “normal” brick and mortar high school, either you’re a full time student or you’re not.  With online high school, you have choice.  Maybe you don’t have time to take a full load of classes because of work, children, pursuing your dreams, etc.  That’s fine.  Just take a class or two, and you’ll work your way to a diploma eventually.

Class Selection

With high school, there aren’t majors and minors like there are in college.  To an extent, everyone has to take the same classes, or at least, the same types of classes.  But that still leaves a variety of options, with different variations of a class as well as electives to fill.

When choosing an online school, it’s good to take a look at what they offer.  If you would like to see classes we have, you can click here.

Wherever you end up going, we wish you the best of luck. Enjoy the freedom that comes with online learning.

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