Cheap High School Diploma

Cheap High School Diploma

If you didn’t graduate from high school, chances are you may be working at a low paying job. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of online high school programs and many are fake.

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Earning a high school diploma online for a low price (cheap) doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality.  Prices for online high schools range from $ 89 per month to $ 11,000 per year and everywhere in between.

In the public school arena, most high schools receive approximately $ 10,000+ per student, per school year.  People don’t realize that education is expensive and whether the high school is publicly funded by taxes, or paid for by private funds, it is hard to find a cheap high school diploma that offers quality. Its that old saying: “you get what you pay for”.

The first thing that one should do when searching for an online high school is to make sure the school has legitimate, government recognized accreditation. Almost all online high schools claim to be accredited. Only a few online high schools, like Excel High School for example, have accreditation that is recognized by the State and US Depts. of Education. Earning a cheap high school diploma that is not accredited or that has unrecognized accreditation will not help you get a job or get into college.

Excel High School offers enrollment for a low price of just $ 89, so why settle for a fake high school diploma, when you can earn an affordable high school diploma from Excel High School? Don’t let the low price fool you. For students seeking a cheap high school diploma online, you won’t have to settle for low quality with Excel High School. The curriculum used at EHS is new and up to date; and is based common core standards.  Our instructors hold at least a Master’s Degree from Regionally accredited universities and all hold a current State Teaching License.

When looking for an affordable online high school program, don’t get fooled into buying a fake high school diploma. For about the same price, you can enroll into a real, legitimately accredited, online high school. Excel High School & College is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

We realize that paying for an adult high school diploma may be tough, but consider the return on investment. A High School Diploma from Excel HS can be used for better employment. College, university trade school and is nationally recognized. You can be proud of presenting your diploma and you can trust that it will be accepted.

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