Can I Still Finish High School?

So you didn’t quite finish high school back in your teenage years.  Life came around and led you on a different path.  Now you’re sitting there saying to yourself “Is it too late to go back?”

After all, what are the rules on that?  Are there options?  Does it make a difference when you finish?

The first thing you should know is this.

It’s Not too Late

For those who haven’t finished their high school education, don’t worry,  It’s waiting there for you, ready to be completed.  Unless you’re under the age of 21, you probably won’t be able to return to your old school.  This means you’re going to need you’re transcript.  Once you’ve tracked that down, you’re ready to start taking classes again.

In case you didn’t know, your transcript is an official list of all the classes you’ve already completed.  After all, you wouldn’t want to be forced to take freshman math again, would you? Of course not.

What’s next?

Choose Your Education

You might recall a lack of options in high school.  You were stuck with certain teachers teaching specific classes, few of which seemed to interest you.  The school you attended was decided by what district you lived in.

And the food was probably lacking in choices as well.

The great thing about finishing now is convenience.  There are different ways to finish your high school education.  The most accommodating is online school.  Why? You don’t have to go anywhere.  Your classes happen when you want them to.  And the resources are near limitless.

We know of a great online school that has everything you could possibly want.

There’s Just One More Thing

Deciding whether to finish your high school diploma or getting a GED.  What’s the difference? Getting a diploma requires you to complete whatever courses you haven’t.  A GED is basically proving that you have all the knowledge a high school graduate would have.

We’ll get into that more next time.

For now, just now your high school education can easily be completed.  You simply have to decide to do it.

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