Affordable High School Diploma Online

Affordable High School Diploma Online

Are you a high school drop-out in need an affordable way to earn a high school diploma? We have great news! Excel High School is soon to launch a new common core based curriculum entirely based upon the most recent national standards. This will allow EHS to offer the most adorable high school diploma online for our students. Full-time high school will be offered at just $ 99 a month for unlimited online courses. This will allow students to graduate faster and with little out of pocket expense.

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For many students who are transferring credits to Excel High School, you will only need to complete the remaining credits required to graduate. Excel High School requires 21.5 -credits for graduation with the standard high school diploma. Students transferring 14.5 or more credits into Excel high School will be required to complete a minimum of 7 online credits. Students may be able to gradate within 4, 6 or 8 months with a Regionally Accredited High School Diploma. Completion time will depend upon how many credits are transferred in and how much time and effort students put into their program.

Excel High School offers the most affordable, Regionally Accredited High School Diploma. Earning a High School Diploma might be a better option than earning a GED credential or other equivalency options. Employers, Colleges, Universities, Technical and Career Colleges; as well as the Military and governments sometimes prefer a high school diploma over a GED. If you have completed much of high school, why not simply complete your credits online and become a high school graduate? An accredited High School Diploma from Excel holds the same weight as a diploma from your local high school.

Students will realize a big advantage by completing their high diploma school online. After reviewing your previous credits, we will help each student to create a “success plan.” A friendly counselor will help students to choose the courses needed for graduation. Students who are motivated and are able to complete credits fast, and will able to complete high school at a very low cost. The new pricing does not require any long-term contracts. Simply enroll online, get started working on credits toward graduation and in no time—you will be a high school graduate. The monthly tuition subscription fee allows students a quick pathway to high school graduation.
The most affordable program we offer is the Standard High School Diploma. This program requires 21.5-credits covering the following areas: 4 English credits, 3 math credits, 3 science credits, 3.5 social studies credits, .5 credit in health education, .5 credit of physical education and 6.5 elective credits in any areas. Students must complete 25% or more if their credits from Excel High School to graduate. Remember, all credits issued from other accredited schools will transfer to Excel and count toward your graduation.

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