Why is State Recognized Accreditation so Important?

Why is State Recognized Accreditation so Important?

When considering an online high school, perspective students will want to do a lot of research and choose a school that is legitimately accredited. Choosing a school that is not properly accredited or not State recognized could prove to be disastrous.

We frequently hear stories about people that get a high school diploma online from a diploma mill, by simply taking an online test, or by submitting a work or life experience profile. Any website offering a high school diploma by taking a single online exam and without course work, or by reviewing your work or life experience is 100% fake and is not accredited.

Legitimately accredited high schools ensure that students meet State graduation  requirements before they will ever issue a high school diploma. Students must generally complete four years of English, three years of math, three years of science, three years of social studies and other elective courses to graduate. All of these courses have an accompanying textbook, state certificate instructors, lectures, assignments, written papers, quizzes, exams, etc. An online high school course from a legitimate State recognized high school will have the very same course requirements as the local public schools.

There are no short cuts. Many fake online schools like to fool adults into thinking the standards do not apply to students 18+. There are no short cuts for those students seeking a real, accredited high school diploma. Whether you are age 14 or 41, the graduation requirements are the same. You just need to complete the required courses to graduate.

Online high schools are convenient but not easy. Accredited high schools that offer online courses offer the same or ever greater rigor as traditional high schools.

The problem with fake schools: Many students seek out cheap and quick online options. The problem with these fast, too good to be true programs is they will not benefit you in any way. Employers, Colleges and governments do not recognize these fake online schools that offer a high school diploma by online exam. If you are seeking an option to test for competency, you will need to take the GED test in person through your State Department of Education. You can earn a legitimately accredited high school diploma online by completing grades 9-12, which generally will take the average person 12-24 moths of course time. There is no way to get a high school diploma in a couple of weeks.

Recently the Attorneys’ General and FTC (Federal Trades Commission) and have been closing down these fake online schools. Lincoln Academy was closed by the Texas Attorney General recently for selling fake diplomas. Jefferson Online High School was also just forced to close by the State and Federal Governments. The owners are facing civil and possible criminal charges for deceiving the public.

When considering an online high school, be sure to check out their accreditation and also check with the Better Business Bureau. Call your local community college and ask if their diploma will be accepted. It is never a good idea to get a fake high school diploma. It is best to put forth the time and effort required to get a real high school diploma from a legitimately accredited and State recognized high school. This will lead to a real, accredited high school diploma that is recognized and accepted by all colleges and employers.

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