Access to Safe, Uninterrupted Education During COVID-19

              The COVID-19 pandemic shut down traditional schools and stopped education for more than 55 million children across the country. Initially, when schools were scrambling to adapt to the crisis, closures seemed like the safest option. Online schools were able to continue without interruption, which is what makes Excel High School a great choice.

The unplanned, haphazard shift to distance learning was virtually impossible for thousands of school districts. Several months later, the virus is still spreading. Schools face a lot of unknowns as they struggle to plan and prepare for the fall. How can you guarantee an uninterrupted, high-quality education for your child? Several years ago, online schools were seen as innovative alternatives. During this pandemic, they’re a necessity.

  1. Minimize Learning Losses

Summer learning loss is already a documented phenomenon, and your child may be falling farther behind. Months of lost education in the spring created an unplanned, extended break. If disruptions continue in the fall, researchers predict that achievement scores will slide even more, and students will need intensive tutoring to get back on track. Tuition for high school online is considerably more affordable and effective than remediation and Excel offers highly qualified instructors.

  • Prioritize Safety and Stability

School closures and drastic policy changes have negatively impacted grade level transitions, especially for middle grades. By signing up for Excel online middle school or High School, parents can provide a sense of normalcy and stability when students need it most.

  • Leverage an Opportunity

Unlike in-person classes, distance learning provides an unparalleled opportunity for flexibility and self-paced growth. Excel High School offers accredited online honors classes, AP courses, and college in high school courses to challenge your child.

Colleges are facing many of the same challenges as middle and high schools. Dual enrollment online is another valuable opportunity for your student to come out ahead after the pandemic. Take advantage of flexible degree options to earn transferrable college credits during high school!

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