5 Reasons To Consider Online Middle School

Middle school is an exciting time for a young person.  It’s that time when an overwhelming number of things are “in between” for your child.  They can play with toys from their childhood in the morning but talk about big plans for their adult future by afternoon; they’ll shrug off your hugs and kisses as embarrassing at times but still crawl into your lap when they’re feeling low.  So many in-betweens.

Flexible and Accessible

What should not be “in between” is your child’s education.  Excel Middle School understands that your student is important, and their education is important, too.  We offer a fully online program that you can adjust to your student’s needs and your family’s schedule.  Student are allowed to log in whenever your schedule allows and wherever your lives take you.  With 12 months to complete their program, we take the stress out of their academic journey.  

We also understand that middle school aged students cannot be expected to be tied to a screen all day working on school.  If you would rather your student pace themselves with one class at a time, we allow that choice to be made by you and your student.  If they excel by working on all of their classes at once, that is perfectly fine with us, too.  We give you and your student the flexibility to adjust their education in whatever way works best for them.  All you need is a valid email address, a laptop or desktop computer, and a good internet connection. 

Easy to Access Support

Excel Middle School offers extensive support to our young students.  You and your child can reach out to the school in many different ways.  Your first option is to email your student’s instructors directly.  They should respond within 1 business day, just like in an in-person academic setting.  If you or your child need immediate help, you can use the chat option on our website, or you can call our office directly, both of which are answered during our regular office hours.  Our staff will be happy to help get your student on track for success.  

Another way to reach out for help is to send a Help Desk Ticket from inside your student’s account.  Our staff answers support tickets during our regular business hours, and though we recommend you always reach out to the instructor first, they will help answer any questions you have about our program, your student’s progress, or content area concerns.  

When your student is struggling with the content of their courses, you have the option to access unlimited online tutoring scheduled through the Learn Stage LMS. Online tutoring is included in all of our full-time enrollment options, from 6th grade through 12th grade.  You can schedule a tutoring session any time, any day.  Once you have selected the tutor that fits your student’s needs and you have confirmed that appointment all you have to do is be sure your student shows up for their online tutoring session to get the help they need.  

Sixth Grade

Our sixth-grade program offers four required courses: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies and one optional elective.  If you prefer for your student to focus on those core subjects alone, you can opt for those four essential courses with full-time enrollment.  Some young people need to focus on those subjects and those subjects alone; we understand that adding more work for your child might be a ticket straight to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, so the choice is yours to make.  If your student can handle an added elective, we encourage you to add that to your student’s studies.  You know your student better than anyone else.  We put that decision in your hands as the adult most interested in your child’s well-being.

Seventh and Eighth Grades

As your student matures, they can be expected to add more to their learning pathway.  Our seventh- and eighth-grade programs offer students five required courses: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and a required elective.  Our elective options include French 1 and 2 as well as Spanish 1 and 2.  These language classes could count toward high school credit as well, giving your student a step up as they approach high school.  However, if your child is not interested in taking a language course yet, they can choose from Internet Safety and Study Skills or Media Arts.  These courses will help your student navigate their academics, stay organized, and explore many different types of media.

Parent Access

Parents have access to their child’s progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can view the curriculum, check your student’s scores, and reach out to your student’s Academic Success Coach or office staff through email, support tickets, or phone calls.  Our goal is to see your student succeed, and we are here to help you guide them along the way.

Enroll Today

Transitioning from traditional school to online middle school is a big step. We want to help you guide your child while they’re experiencing this in-between stage of life.  With middle school tuition at $ 1,390 or $ 139 per month for ten months per school year, our affordable program is a great opportunity for your family.  We offer open enrollment, so you can enroll your student at any time.  We don’t just say that your student’s success is our goal—we prove it with unlimited online tutoring and an extensive list of supports for your student. Our admissions counselors are standing by, so call us today at 800-620-3844 or 952-465-3700. Click here to enroll now.

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