2017-18 Tuition High School Rates

Full-time High School (9-12) Non-adult

We would like to welcome our students and families to Excel High School for another great school year. There are some important changes coming for the 2017-18 school year. First, the tuition for standard full-time high school students (non-adult) will increase $ 29 per month. There are two reasons for the increase. First, Excel High School is launching brand-new curricula for 2017-18, which includes the latest copyright versions for all of our digital textbooks.

To align with our mission of being the best accredited online school, we are focused on providing our students with the very best online learning experience. Our new courses are engaging and will significantly enhance students’ ability to master core concepts and realize success. Next, we are providing all high school aged students (non-adults) with free access to the 24/7 YUP online tutoring app. High school aged students will benefit from having 24/7 unlimited access to live on-demand tutoring for Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics.

We realize that parents don’t always want to tutor upper-level math and science, so leave the heavy lifting to us! We are here to support your child with the best online learning experience. We realize that a tuition increase is not always good news, but we are confident that our new enhanced curriculum and live tutoring support will result in greater student success. We know that you care about your child’s success, so we have made significant investments into proving the best online learning recourses.

Excel High School is delivering some of the newest and best digital learning products and services. We feel the $ 29 tuition increase is well worth delivering invaluable resources for your child. Purchased alone from YUP, the 24/7 unlimited tutoring is $ 100 per month. We are including the unlimited live tutoring app for your child free of charge. To learn more about the 24/7 unlimited live tutoring, click here. We know that your child will benefit significantly when choosing Excel High School as your partner in learning.

Adult High School – No Change in Tuition for 2017-18

*Tuition for the adult high diploma school remains unchanged at $ 99.90 per month. Adults interested in the 24/7 unlimited live tutoring app can purchase the tutoring app for $ 39 per month for unlimited math/science tutoring support. Tutoring can be purchased by clicking here

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