Language Arts 9 B Course

Registration Code: LA854B
Credits: 1
Price: $299.00

Two-semester course that focuses on a variety of text: literary, expository, and informational. Each unit in the course contains different lessons: Skills, Literary/Expository, Informational, Communication, Grammar, and Writing lessons. This course covers literary skills such as Plot – flashback and foreshadowing, Setting – time and sequence, Characterization - dialogue, Theme – universal theme, Style – figurative language, and Narrator – different types. Units include topics: Literary Analysis-Poetry; Autobiographies, Essays and Personal Accounts; and World Literature, theme is origin myths. Students also learn classics such as Homer’s The Odyssey and William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Informational Text reading skills are taught using consumer, workplace, technical, and public documents. Writing Lessons cover The Writing Process and also include a Research Workshop. Essay topics in the course include Business Letter, Research Paper, Literary Analysis Essay, Persuasive Essay, and Personal Narrative Essay.

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