Language Arts 8 B Course

Registration Code: LA853B
Credits: 1
Price: $299.00

This two–semester course uses diverse and contemporary text in order to prepare students for high school. Some authors represented in the course include; Gary Soto, Toni Cade, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nikki Giovanni, Roald Dahl, and Desmond Tutu. Each unit contains Skills Lessons, Literary and Expository Text Lessons, Informational Lessons, Communication Lessons, Grammar Lessons, and Writing Lessons. Literary skills targeted in the course include: Plot, emphasis on structure, conflict, and subplots; Character, topics include character traits, character motivation, and biographical characters; Setting, which focuses on tone, mood, and writer’s message; and Theme, emphasis on recurring themes, symbolism, and identifying theme. Units in the course include: Poetry and Prose, which covers sensory imagery, different forms of poetry, and sound devices; Literary Criticism, topics covered include author’s viewpoint and aesthetic approach; World Literature, stories from Japan, Africa, and Mayan culture; American Folk Tales; Drama; and Informational Materials. Essays included in the course cover Functional Writing, Literary Analysis, Comparison-Contrast, and Informational.

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