Language Arts 7 B Course

Registration Code: LA852B
Credits: 1
Price: $299.00

Two-semester course that uses a variety of text to teach literary and reading comprehension skills. Each unit contains: Skills Lessons, prepares students to learn skills necessary for standardized testing; Informational Lessons, introduces students to real-life topics that connect to the literary text; Communication Lessons, topics include Propaganda vs. Ethical Reasoning, Visual Literacy, Effective Listening Skills, and Censorship; Grammar Lessons, topics include Subject-Verb Agreement, Research Guidelines, Prepositional Phrases, Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, and End Marks; and Writing Lessons, essays are taught using the Writing Process, topics include Persuasive Essay, Expressive Writing, Expository Essay, and Research Paper. Unit topics include literary skills such as Plot, Setting, Theme and Style. Additional topics include: Literary Criticism; World Literature; Tale, Legends, and Myths; Drama and Reading Comprehension of Informational Documents.

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