Language Arts 6 B Course

Registration Code: LA851B
Credits: 1
Price: $299.00

Two-semester course that focuses on a variety of contemporary text; literary, expository, and informational. Each unit in the course contains diverse lessons; Skills, Literary/Expository, Informational, Communication, Grammar, and Writing lessons. This course introduces the student to literary skills such as plot, setting, characterization, and theme. Course topics include: Genre Studies, such as adventure, fantasy, and mystery; World Literature, stories from such places as China, Vietnam, and Europe; Literary Analysis of Drama, which includes teleplays and radio plays; Analyzing Nonfiction, such as speeches, biographies, and memoirs; and Reading Comprehension of Informational Text, such as websites, health documents, and environmental documents. Throughout the course are focused Skills Lessons that teach students how to analyze and evaluate text for success on standardized tests. The Writing Process is taught in each essay. Essays included are Expository, Narrative, Literary Analysis, Creative, and Functional.

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