Course Life Science B Course

Registration Code: SCIE100BPLT
Credits: 0.5 Credit
Price: $299.00

Registration Code: SC754A

Designed as a two-semester course for middle-school students, Life Science-SC754 offers a broad experience in the biological sciences. Beginning with life on a small scale through an introduction to cells, students are introduced to structures and functions of cells, the cell theory, cell reproduction and genetics. A brief unit on evolution gives students some background on Darwin’s theory and evidence of the past. Life Science-SC754 also provides students with an understanding of the classification and organization of living organisms and the characteristics of the variety of plant and animal groups. An in-depth unit of human biology is included to emphasize the organ systems and their functions in maintaining a healthy life. The course also includes a study of ecology and the interrelationships that help to maintain life on earth.

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