Course U.S. Government B Course

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Government – SS1110
This one-semester 12th grade level course provides
students with the opportunity to learn about the
historical events, philosophers, and topical issues
that helped create the democratic foundations of this
human-environment interaction and the interactions
among human systems. Semester one introduces
students to geographic concepts, theories, models,
and methods. Students will develop geographic
skills including learning to interpret maps, analyze
data, and compare theories. Students will apply
their geographic and historical skills while studying
physical geography of the major world regions,
population and migration patterns, and cultural and
political systems. Throughout their study, students will
examine current global issues that impact our world
today. Semester two explores global connections:
tracing the development of modern civilization and
human systems from the agricultural revolution to
the technological revolution and the development
of the modern urban space. Students will analyze
economic trends and compare global markets and
urban environments. Students will also examine the
effects of technology on societies and environments,
including human movement, communications, global
warming, and pollution. Finally, students will identify
challenges facing the modern world

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