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MS Civics Government and Economics – SS2049
This two-semester eighth grade level course is built
upon the National and state standards for Civics
and Economics with emphasis on: Social studies
Skills, Government, Citizenship, Economics, and
the areas of Technology, Civic Participation, and
Society. Semester one will introduce students to
social studies skills they will need to analyze maps,
charts, and data, as well as the ability to be problem
solvers and decision makers. Students will also
explore fundamental concepts and philosophies that
lead to the creation of the United States Constitution.
Students will also explore the structure of the
United States government on a national, state, and
local level, as well as examine tribal government
and sovereignty. Semester two will allow students
to investigate what it means to be an American
citizen and explore the duties and responsibilities
associated with such a role. Students will analyze
the political process, political parties, and influences
that affect them both. Students will also trace the
evolution of technology and the changing effects it
has had on politics and society. Students will then
be introduced to economic concepts such as thinking
as an economist, supply and demand, the banking
system, and economics in business and government.
Students will then explore both government and
economics on a global scale

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