Course Pre-Algebra B Course

Registration Code: MATH100BPLT
Credits: 0.5 Credit
Price: $299.00

Registration Code: MA879A

Two-semester preparation course for students on the verge of Algebra I concepts. Well rounded and in-depth, this course offers the following topics: rational number theory (including comparing and ordering on a number line), drawing conclusions from statistical data, ratios, proportions and percents, spatial thinking (topics include congruency, translations, and symmetry), introduction to sequences and patterns, and working with polynomials and functions. Interspersed throughout the course are numerous opportunities for the development of vital problem-solving skills at the middle school level. These problem-solving lessons are designed to be integrated into the regular curriculum or may be used as a stand-alone mini-unit course. Significant topics include: writing algebraic expressions, generating patterns and problem simulations.

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