Course English 10B Course

Registration Code: ENGL202BPLT
Credits: 0.5 Credit
Price: $299.00

Registration Code: LA855A

Two-semester course that focuses on preparing students for success on state exit exams. Each unit contains: Skills Lessons, prepares students to learn skills necessary for standardized testing; Informational Lessons, introduces students to real-life topics that connect to the literary text; Communication Lessons, topics include Debate, Analysis of Formal Speech, Visual Media Analysis, and Mass Media and Public Opinion; Grammar Lessons, topics include Subject-Verb Agreement, Modifiers, Active and Passive Voice, Main and Subordinate Clauses, and Sentence Structure; and Writing Lessons, essays are taught using the Writing Process, topics include Autobiographical Narrative Essay, Persuasive Essay, Descriptive Essay, Expository Essay, and Letter to the Editor. Unit topics include: Literary Analysis of Poetry; Evaluate and Clarify Expository Text; World Literature – theme Social Responsibility; Legends, Epics, and Myths – Antigone, The Sword and The Stone; Drama – Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar; and Reading Comprehension – Informational text.

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