World History 1B Course

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World History – SS1108
This two-semester high school course is aligned to the
National Social Studies standards as well as to state
standards and specifically addresses performance
objectives focused on history, government,
economics, geography, culture, and social studies
skills. This course will provide students an opportunity
to learn about the political, economic, and social
aspects of world history, beginning with topics from
prehistory and culminating in the events of the 21st
Century. Students will journey through ancient rive
During this course, students will be introduced
to the founding fathers and exposed to the ideas
that shaped the nation. Students will examine the
early documents that governed the United States,
summarize the debates that led to the creation of the
Constitution, and investigate the organization that has
allowed the Constitution to remain the supreme law of
the land for over 200 years. At the end of this course,
students will be able to identify important political
leaders, trace the development and organization
of federal, state, and local government, explain the
political process, and analyze the United States’ role
as a global political and economic participant. This
course is aligned to state and national standards. It
specifically targets philosophies and foundations of
the United States Government, the organization of
the branches of government, government on a state
and local level, civil liberties and laws, and how the
United States com

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