Economics 1B Course

Registration Code: ECON100
Credits: 0.5 Credit
Price: $299.00

Economics – SS1111
This one-semester 12th grade level course provides
students with an understanding of the foundational
principles of economics. Students will apply the key
microeconomic concepts of supply, demand, and
the role of prices as they become familiar with how
markets work. In addition, students will gain a new
understanding of the world around them as they
learn the fundamentals of macroeconomics including
how economic performance is measured, the role
of government in the economy, and the basics of
monetary and fiscal policy. This one-semester 12th
grade level course is aligned to state and national
standards. It specifically targets important aspects
of the world economy including international trade
and global economic challenges. In addition to the
important content knowledge they will gain, students
will apply the economic way of thinking to a variety of
situations relevant to their everyday lif

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