Course Earth Science B Course

Registration Code: SCIE103AVEN
Credits: 0.5 Credit
Price: $299.00

Registration Code: SC755A

This two-semester course covers many aspects of earth science including an overview of Earth’s structure, rocks and minerals and Earth’s resources. A major unit on the forces that change the earth includes lessons on plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and erosion, concluding in a section that discusses Earth’s history of change through the fossil record. A general study of oceanography explores such concepts as the sources of water, currents and climate, and the structure of the ocean environment. Earth Science-SC755 also includes a section of atmospheric science with lessons that that cover concepts in understanding weather and climate. Rounding out this analysis of the earth is a unit on space science the exposes students to the interactions of the earth, moon and sun and an overview of our solar system and the universe beyond.

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