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Students’ ask:

“So what’s the big deal about Regional Accreditation for a High School?”

Here’s the truth. If you actually want a high school diploma or equivalency certificate that you can use for college/Federal Financial Aid, employment or the military, you need a regionally accredited high school diploma or equivalency certificate. There are probably just as many fake online high schools as there are legitimate online schools. I hope this information will help students save time and money, so please read on and feel free to contact Mr. Rod Clarkson, for further details concerning regional accredited high schools at (952) 465-3700.

There are many accrediting agencies on the Internet. In fact, there are probably also as many accrediting agencies as there are schools to accredit. To simply ask if a school is accredited is not enough. You must ask the school if their accreditation is recognized by their State Department of Education. Be cautious, because the fake school may lie to you. You must also understand that there is a group in Pakistan that operates several online scam schools. They will lie to you and tell you that your diploma is internationally accredited, when in fact, it is not. These scam school operators are con-artist and they will do anything to get your money. Do your homework! No pun intended. After you check with the high school, call the State Department of Education, in your State and ask if they recognize the school’s accrediting agency. If they confirm that they do, then you found a reputable school and you are in luck. If the school is not recognized by the State Department of Education, leave the school behind and move on. Also, check the school out the Better Business Bureau. The reason that choosing a regionally accredited high school is important is this: ACCEPTANCE and recognition.

With a regionally accredited high school diploma, your opportunities are endless. Better job, Military and best of all going to college and being eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Without having a diploma or an equivalency certificate from a regionally accredited online high school, you will probably not get that job or get into college. Sadly, students waste money when they choose to enroll into a school that is not regionally accredited. Don’t get scammed.

In early 2011 Excel High School made official application for Regional Accreditation with AdvancED, North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. We were granted preaccreditation (Candidacy Status) in April of 2011. The final onsite QAR visit is scheduled for October 2011.

Excel High School’s current status with the regional agencies qualifies our graduates’ as eligible for Federal Financial Aid for college loans. More information can be found about accreditation at the US Dept. of Education’s Website: http://www2.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/accreditation_pg6.html

AdvancED/ NCA and SACS is a regionally accrediting body that IS recognized by the US Secretary of Education and by all 50-States Departments of Education.

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Excel High School is a State recognized regionally accredited High School. Excel High School is accredited by AdvancED the parent organization for the North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and Northwest Accrediting Commission - agencies recognized by the State Department of Education.