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Proctor Information

Please review the new and updated proctor information for 2013.

All student mid-term exams, final exams and HSEC exams must be complete under proctored conditions to ensure academic integrity.

Please Click Here to download the Adult HSEC Proctor Certification Form (Adult Programs)

What does a proctor do?

Proctors are individuals who agree to supervise and ensure the integrity of Excel High School online exams. Proctors have a responsibility to facilitate fairness and integrity during online testing situations. All mid-term, final exams and HSEC exams require a proctor. No exceptions will be made for any student. The Proctor Certification form will be signed and faxed AFTER all testing is complete.

Once a student has requested an exam and designated their proctor, the exam should only be completed under monitored (proctored) conditions. The proctor must be present during all portions of the online exams and for the entire duration of all testing. Any exams accessed without the presence of a proctor, will be considered to be invalid. Please see our policies and procedures for further instructions on administering online exams. Once the student has completed the online exam, the proctor will certify the test setting and will fax, email or mail the proctor certification form back to the school. The completed proctor certification form must be completed before the school will apply a final grade for any mid-term, final exam or HSEC exam.

Who can be a proctor?

If you are enrolled in a high school course or our Adult HSEC program:

The following are eligible for approval:
  • High school academic or guidance counselor
  • School teacher
  • College Instructor
  • High school superintendent, principal or vice principal
  • High school or public librarian
  • Other education professional
  • Embassy education officer
  • Military base/station education officer
  • Local testing center administration (Check the Consortium's website to find a testing center near you.)
  • Licensed Minister
  • Professional Counselor
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Boy Scout Leader
  • Local High School Computer Lab Supervisor
  • College Computer Lab Supervisor
  • Individuals over the age of 18 and unrelated to the student
  • Parents of students under the age of 18
  • ProctorU - www.proctoru.com
Excel High School reserves the right to deny certification to any individual who applies to be a proctor.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Proctors must be present during the entire duration of all online exams.
  2. Proctors must verify the identity of the student with a photo ID and read all of the exam instructions to the student before they begin the exam.
  3. The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the entire duration of the exam. If the student is uncomfortable with the proctoring situation (e.g. the setting is one-on-one with the proctor), a parent, friend, or chaperone may be present, along with the proctor, so long as the student does not interact with that person during the exam. Receiving assistance from any person during an exam is considered cheating and is grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course.
  4. The exam must not be accessed until the student is ready to take it, and the exam should never be accessed except when they are taking it.
  5. Students cannot take the exam with unauthorized books, notes, or reference aids of any kind unless specified on the exam instructions in the proctor letter. Students cannot take notes on the exam or have any part of it to study after taking it. The student or the proctor cannot duplicate the exam in any way.
  6. If the requested proctor is unable to proctor the exam, please call the School Office to certify another proctor. Do not hand over the exam to another person or the student.
  7. If the student is suspected of cheating on an exam, please call the Excel High School Administrative Office as soon as possible.

ProctorU LogoExcel High School and College has partnered with ProctorU to provide proctoring services for our students to ensure compliance with our institution’s proctor policies. If you are having trouble locating a proctor in your area, we recommend that you utilize ProctorU by clicking the link above. Click Here to find out more about online Proctoring services

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding proctoring exams, please contact the Excel High School Administration Office at 1-952-465—3700 or Email: Excel Exams Email Address. Please include "Proctor Question" in the subject line.

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