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Online Summer School - Online Classes for Credit Recovery

There are many reasons that more students are beginning to take online summer school courses. In some cases it is for credit recovery, while for others it is a supplement to help them retain information they have already learned. An increasing number of students are using this as an opportunity to get a head start on the next year’s requirements. This often helps them increase their grade point average, to meet the acceptance requirements for private universities. Although there are many courses available for kindergarten through grade twelve, not all of them are accredited. They may not be intended to assist students that need help staying with their current class.

If your student needs to retake a class that did not receive a passing grade the previous year, make sure the organization is accredited through one of the regional boards. It is becoming more common for public schools to offer online summer school, rather than requiring students to attend in a traditional classroom setting. It is up to the facility to decide how credit is applied to the class. In some cases, the score will replace the original grade. However, in most cases, the two grades will be averaged together for a final course score. There are National Standards of Quality for online courses.

They apply to courses intended for recovery as well as regular online summer school courses. They help the school align their traditional course standards with the online version. This ensures the quality of the curriculum. Many school districts have decided to move to a blended format. This means that the coursework and multimedia classes can be accessed at any time, but that students are required to go to a classroom for a “lab.” This provides the opportunity for the work to be turned in, questions answered by the teacher and tests taken. This is not the only access they have to the teacher, though.

Students contact their teachers via email, blogs and chat rooms that are part of the program’s software. Teachers that facilitate online courses receive training that helps them become more effective online teachers. The wide spread use of the Internet is allowing students to attend online summer school classes to make up the credits and stay in school. The success rate has increased and more students are continuing in school rather than dropping out and attaining their GED ®. High school is an important step in an individual’s educational career and online classes can help them finish on time.

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