Earn Your Diploma, Online, Fast!

Online High School Education

Online high school education classrooms give you the freedom to study as quickly or slowly as your schedule dictates. There are many online services that allow you to fulfill your learning needs in a personalized manner. Most students can complete an entire program in less than three years. If you already have credits under your belt, you may be able to finish even faster.

Online High School Education Options

Students looking to earn academic credits can study over the Internet to accomplish a number of goals. They can:

  • Earn a high school diploma
  • Do GED ® test prep
  • Earn an adult-equivalency degree
  • Earn credits needed for college entry

In today's fast-paced world, attending physical classes daily is simply not feasible for many people. Web-based school courses can help non-traditional students (older students, students with disabilities, traveling students) complete a program successfully. They can also act as an additional resource for those who want to take on extra courses of study to help prepare for college.

When considering any educational program, it is imperative that the institution has up-to-date accreditation and highly qualified teachers and staff. Before entering any line of study, be sure to check with an outside accreditation agency as well as peer reviews of the institution, making certain that your credits will apply to colleges, job programs, and work-study requirements.

Excel High School offers students an online education program that is tailored to individual needs. This private and accredited institution serves students currently in grades nine through 12 as well as returning adult students.

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Excel High School is a State recognized regionally accredited High School. Excel High School is accredited by AdvancED the parent organization for the North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and Northwest Accrediting Commission - agencies recognized by the State Department of Education.