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Programs • C - College Prep High School Diploma - Advanced Studies (Honors)

C - College Prep High School Diploma - Advanced Studies (Honors)

Fully Accredited College Prep Diploma - Advanced Studies, Honors Courses - Over 150 Available Courses

Fully Accredited High School Diploma. Enrollment: Grades 9-12 Advanced Studies High School Diploma. Excel High School is Regionally accredited by AdvancED NCA CASI which helps to ensure credit acceptance by other High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, the Military and Employers.

Students may take up to six courses per semester. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AVAILABLE.

$ 949 or $ 189/month Per Semester for up to 6-Honors courses. Low Monthly Payments. Please call 1-800-620-3844 for more information.

Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.


Discounts and Financing:

 TuitionCost per CourseMonthly Payment
1 Semester course$ 399.00$ 399.00NA
2 Semester courses$ 549.00$ 274.50$ 274.50
3 Semester courses$ 649.00$ 216.33$ 216.33
4 Semester courses$ 749.00$ 187.25$ 187.25
5 Semester courses$ 849.00$ 169.80$ 169.80
6 Semester courses$ 949.00$ 158.16$ 189.80


MA1098A0.506th Grade Math A$399.00
MA1098B0.506th Grade Math B$399.00
MA1088A0.507th Grade Math A$399.00
MA1088B0.507th Grade Math B$399.00
MA1101A0.50Algebra I A$399.00
MA1101B0.50Algebra I B$399.00
MA1103A0.50Algebra II A$399.00
MA1103B0.50Algebra II B$399.00
EL40020.50Art History A$399.00
MA0810.50Basic Algebra A$399.00
MA081-B0.50Basic Algebra B$399.00
MA0800.50Basic Mathematics A$399.00
MA080-B0.50Basic Mathematics B$399.00
SC1115A0.50Biology A$399.00
SC1115B0.50Biology B$399.00
EL42220.50Career Planning and Development$399.00
EL1122A0.50Career Skills A$399.00
SC1116A0.50Chemistry A$399.00
SC1116B0.50Chemistry B$399.00
LA858A0.50Classics Novel Package A (8th-10th grade)$399.00
LA858B0.50Classics Novel Package B (10th-12th grade)$399.00
EL1083A0.50Computer Applications - Office 2007$399.00
EL57220.50Computer Science I$399.00
EL1121A0.50Consumer Skills$399.00
EL57190.50Digital Arts I$399.00
EL57200.50Digital Arts II$399.00
SC1113A0.50Earth Science A$399.00
SC1113B0.50Earth Science B$399.00
SS1111A0.50Economics A$399.00
SS1111B0.50Economics B$399.00
LA1092A0.50English 10A$399.00
LA1092B0.50English 10B$399.00
LA1093A0.50English 11A$399.00
LA1093B0.50English 11B$399.00
LA1094A0.50English 12A$399.00
LA1094B0.50English 12B$399.00
LA1088A0.50English 6A$399.00
LA1088B0.50English 6B$399.00
LA1089A0.50English 7A$399.00
LA1089B0.50English 7B$399.00
LA1090A0.50English 8A$399.00
LA1090B0.50English 8B$399.00
LA1091A0.50English 9A$399.00
LA1091B0.50English 9B$399.00
SC2028A0.50Environmental Science A$399.00
SC2028B0.50Environmental Science B$399.00
MA2007A0.50Financial Math A$399.00
MA2007B0.50Financial Math B$399.00
WL96130.50French IA$399.00
WL96140.50French IB$399.00
FRENII0.50French II A$399.00
FRENC20.50French II B$399.00
SS1107A0.50Geography A$399.00
SS1107B0.50Geography B$399.00
MA1102A0.50Geometry A$399.00
MA1102B0.50Geometry B$399.00
SS1110A0.50Government A$399.00
SS1110B0.50Government B$399.00
EL1118A0.50Health A$399.00
EL1118B0.50Health B$399.00
EL20810.50Healthy Living$399.00
ELA30040.50IDEA Writing$399.00
MA1010.50Intermediate Algebra A$399.00
MA101-B0.50Intermediate Algebra B$399.00
EL10860.50Introduction to Art$399.00
LA1097A0.50Introduction to Communications and Speech A$399.00
LAT1A0.50Latin IA$399.00
LAT1B0.50Latin IB$399.00
LAT2A0.50Latin IIA$399.00
LAT3B0.50Latin IIIB$399.00
SC1112A0.50Life Science A$399.00
SC1112B0.50Life Science B$399.00
EL20830.50Lifetime Fitness$399.00
LA1096A0.50Literacy and Comprehension$399.00
MA4072A0.50Mathematical Models and Applications A$399.00
MA4072B0.50Mathematical Models and Applications B$399.00
SS2040.50Middle School Civics Government and Economics A$399.00
SS20490.50Middle School Civics Government and Economics B$399.00
SS1106A0.50Middle School US History A$399.00
SS1106B0.50Middle School US History B$399.00
SS1105A0.50Middle School World History A$399.00
SS1105B0.50Middle School World History B$399.00
EL2080.50PE Foundations of Personal Wellnes A$399.00
EL20820.50PE Foundations of Personal Wellnes B$399.00
SC1114A0.50Physical Science A$399.00
SC1114B0.50Physical Science B$399.00
SC1117A0.50Physics A$399.00
SC1117B0.50Physics B$399.00
MA1100A0.50Pre-Algebra A$399.00
MA1100B0.50Pre-Algebra B$399.00
MA1104A0.50Pre-Calculus A$399.00
MA1104B0.50Pre-Calculus B$399.00
EL1119A0.50Psychology A$399.00
EL1119B0.50Psychology B$399.00
LA0980.50Reading Skills A$399.00
LA098-B0.50Reading Skills B$399.00
EL959A0.50Spanish 1A$399.00
EL959B0.50Spanish 1B$399.00
EL960A0.50Spanish 2A$399.00
EL960B0.50Spanish 2B$399.00
EL1087A0.50Strategies for Academic Success A$399.00
SS1109A0.50US History A$399.00
SS1109B0.50US History B$399.00
SS1108A0.50World History A$399.00
SS1108B0.50World History B$399.00
LA099 A0.50Writing Skills A$399.00
LA099 B0.50Writing Skills B$399.00

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