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Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Online learning is a new way of pursuing education for most students. Even if a student is comfortable with chat rooms, discussion boards, and building relationships online, using internet tools for rigorous academic work comes with new challenges for many students.

This self-assessment will help you determine if online learning is right for you. You might want to discuss these questions with your parent/guardian too!

Rate yourself on each of the ten items below:

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1I am willing to share my thoughts and experiences in an online environment as part of the learning process.
2I can communicate well through writing.
3I am self-disciplined and well-motivated to complete the online courses.
4I am willing to seek help when needed with academics and technology issues.
5I am willing to commit 4-8 hours per week per course.
6I can think through issues carefully before responding to questions or discussion points.
7I believe that high quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom.
8I can engage in critical thinking, including synthesizing and analyzing ideas.
9I understand that online learning may be a much more convenient way to pursue my education, and that it is not necessarily an easier way.
10I have consistent access to a computer and reliable internet connection.

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