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High School Classes Online

No matter what your age, online high school classes give you a chance to achieve your academic goals. With the reputations of online educational institutions becoming more renowned, it is easier to find a trusted academic program on the Web. Students of all ages can now complete online diplomas in as little as half the time of traditional study. What's more, you can receive one-on-one internet tutoring with live responses from teachers and staff.

When you take classes via the Web, you can set your own schedule, learn at your own pace, and challenge your mind in ways not possible in a conventional learning environment. Whether you want to pick up a few credits, finish incomplete courses, or get your high school diploma from start to finish, it can all be done with an internet connection and a computer.

The Cost of Taking High School Classes Online

Depending on how many credits you need to get your diploma, your classes will vary in cost. Most accredited educational services on the Web will charge you per class, per semester, or a lump sum for an entire outlined program. The prices can range from a few hundred dollars for one course to a couple of thousand dollars for an entire high school education.

At Excel High School, you can pay for your courses in a variety of ways, including installments of one, two, or seven payments. GED ® tutoring is also available for those who are simply preparing for this test.

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