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Distance Education High Schools

Distance learning programs are designed to give non-traditional students the opportunity to study for online classes for high school credit from anywhere in the world. If you can connect to the Internet, these educational services allow you to take math, science, languages, reading, and much more--all from the convenience of your own computer.

These online programs are typically entered through a secure username-and-password combination. From there, you can log in to get your personal profile, course reports, schedules, grades, assignments, and everything else related to your educational pursuits. It is important to find out the protocol on student-teacher conferencing. Some programs allow you to reach a teacher 24 hours a day by email or an instant-messaging program while others only have posted office hours. This can be a hindrance for those who are studying at night and working during the day.

The obvious difference between distance learning and traditional in-room courses is that you are learning on a computer screen instead of in person. Many web-based courses even have a live-video feed of the lessons being taught, so you can feel as if you are actually in a high school setting.

Private Online Classes for High School Students

Excel High School is a private facility that offers diploma coursework for grades nine through 12 online. This institution also offers adult diploma classes for returning students. The classes are individually structured, so that you can learn at your own pace and get the most out of your educational pursuits.

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