A Day in the Life of an Excel High School Student

A student's day will vary tremendously from day-to-day and from student to student. The primarily asynchronous approach to the school will allow students to blend home, work and school life as best fits their own personal situation. Student success is not determined by specific hours or quantity of time on the job, but by demonstrated learning, quality of work, engagement in school, and interaction (asynchronous and synchronous) with teachers and peers.

The general daily log below describes one hypothetical day in the life of a hypothetical student.

Student Schedule
10:00 am: Wake up, shower, breakfast.

11:00 am: Check email, discussion boards. Respond to teachers' questions about course progress.

11:30 am: Work on classes, including assignments, internet-based research, reading, scheduled chats with other students in the same courses.

1:00 pm: Lunch. Workout (maybe as part of a physical education class!).

2:30 pm: Meeting with a local community member collaborating on a class project.

3:30 pm: Write up notes from meeting. Check email & discussion boards. Continue course work.

5:30 pm: Dinner, family time

6:00 pm: Get out of house to visit friends.

9:00 pm: Watch TV with parents.

9:30 pm: Surf the 'net. Check email & discussion boards. Visit the school's social discussion boards. Respond to peer and teacher postings.

11:30 pm: Sleep

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