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Core/Elective Courses

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Comprehensive Course List:

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Course NameRegistration CodeCreditsPrice (US$)More
Accounting FundamentalsETGNon-credit$129.00Accounting Fundamentals Course
Achieving Success with Difficult PeopleETGNon-credit$129.00Achieving Success with Difficult People Course
Art AppreciationART100Non-credit$399.00Art Appreciation Course
Beginning Conversational FrenchETGNon-credit$129.00Beginning Conversational French Course
Constitutional Law: Bill of RightsETGNon-credit$129.00Constitutional Law: Bill of Rights Course
Conversational Japanese ETGNon-credit$129.00Conversational Japanese  Course
Discover Digital PhotographyETGNon-credit$129.00Discover Digital Photography Course
Drawing for the Absolute BeginnerETGNon-credit$129.00Drawing for the Absolute Beginner Course
Enjoying European Art OnlineETGNon-credit$129.00Enjoying European Art Online Course
GED PreparationETGNon-credit$99.00GED Preparation Course
Get Funny!ETGNon-credit$129.00Get Funny! Course
Handling Medical EmergenciesETGNon-credit$129.00Handling Medical Emergencies Course
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyETGNon-credit$129.00Human Anatomy and Physiology Course
Individual ExcellenceETGNon-credit$129.00Individual Excellence Course
Instant ItalianETGNon-credit$129.00Instant Italian Course
Intermediate Photoshop CS2ETGNon-credit$129.00Intermediate Photoshop CS2 Course
Interpersonal CommunicationETGNon-credit$129.00Interpersonal Communication Course
Interpersonal CommunicationETGNon-credit$129.00Interpersonal Communication Course
Intro. to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007ETGNon-credit$129.00Intro. to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Course
Intro. to Microsoft Word 2007ETGNon-credit$129.00Intro. to Microsoft Word 2007 Course
Introduction to BusinessETG |Non-credit$299.00Introduction to Business Course
Introduction to Criminal Law IIETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Criminal Law II Course
Introduction to Criminal LawETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Criminal Law Course
Introduction to JournalingETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Journaling Course
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003ETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003 Course
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007ETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007 Course
Introduction to PC SecurityETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to PC Security Course
Introduction to Photoshop CS2ETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to Photoshop CS2 Course
Introduction to the Game IndustryETGNon-credit$129.00Introduction to the Game Industry Course
KeyboardingETGNon-credit$129.00Keyboarding Course
LeadershipETGNon-credit$129.00Leadership Course
Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick MealsETGNon-credit$129.00Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals Course
Making Movies with Windows XPETGNon-credit$129.00Making Movies with Windows XP Course
Medical Terminology: A Word Association ApproachETGNon-credit$129.00Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach Course
Music AppreciationMUS100Non-credit$399.00Music Appreciation Course
Music Made EasyETGNon-credit$129.00Music Made Easy Course
Mystery WritingETGNon-credit$129.00Mystery Writing Course
Outdoor Survival TechniquesETGNon-credit$129.00Outdoor Survival Techniques Course
Personal FinanceETGNon-credit$129.00Personal Finance Course
Pleasures of PoetryETGNon-credit$129.00Pleasures of Poetry Course
PsychologyPSY100Non-credit$399.00Psychology Course
Travel Photography for the Digital PhotographerETGNon-credit$129.00Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer Course
Where Does All My Money Go?ETGNon-credit$129.00Where Does All My Money Go? Course
Course English 10AENGL202APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 10A Course
Course English 10BENGL202BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 10B Course
Course English 11AENGL303APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 11A Course
Course English 11BENGL303BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 11B Course
Course English 12AENGL404APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 12A Course
Course English 12BENGL404BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 12B Course
Course English 9AENGL101APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 9A Course
Course English 9BENGL101BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course English 9B Course
English 6MS LA60.5 Credit$299.00English 6 Course
English 7MS LA70.5 Credit$299.00English 7 Course
English 8MS LA80.5 Credit$299.00English 8 Course
Middle School Literacy and Comprehension IMS LIT0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Literacy and Comprehension I Course
Health Education
HealthHLTH1000.5 Credit$299.00Health Course
Nutrition & WellnessHLTH2000.5 Credit$399.00Nutrition & Wellness Course
PE Foundations of Personal WellnessPW EL2080.5 Credit$299.00PE Foundations of Personal Wellness Course
PE Lifetime FitnessLF EL20830.5 Credit$299.00PE Lifetime Fitness Course
Language Arts
AP French AFREN400A0.5 Credit$499.00AP French A Course
AP French BFREN400B0.5 Credit$499.00AP French B Course
AP Spanish ASPAN400A0.5 Credit$299.00AP Spanish A Course
AP Spanish BSPAN400B0.5 Credit$499.00AP Spanish B Course
Chinese 1 (Mandarin) ACHIN101A0.5 Credit$399.00Chinese 1 (Mandarin) A Course
Chinese 1 (Mandarin) BCHIN101B0.5 Credit$399.00Chinese 1 (Mandarin) B Course
French 1AFREN101A0.5 Credit$399.00French 1A Course
French 1BFREN101B0.5 Credit$399.00French 1B Course
French 2AFREN202A0.5 Credit$399.00French 2A Course
French 2BFREN202B0.5 Credit$399.00French 2B Course
French 3AFREN303A0.5 Credit$399.00French 3A Course
French 3BFREN303B0.5 Credit$399.00French 3B Course
German 1AGERM101A0.5 Credit$399.00German 1A Course
German 1BGERM101B0.5 Credit$399.00German 1B Course
German 2AGERM202A0.5 Credit$399.00German 2A Course
German 2BGERM202B0.5 Credit$399.00German 2B Course
Latin 1ALATN101A0.5 Credit$399.00Latin 1A Course
Latin 1BLATN101B0.5 Credit$399.00Latin 1B Course
Spanish 1ASPAN101A0.5 Credit$399.00Spanish 1A Course
Spanish 1BSPAN101B0.5 Credit$399.00Spanish 1B Course
Spanish 2ASPAN202A0.5 Credit$299.00Spanish 2A Course
Spanish 2BSPAN202B0.5 Credit$399.00Spanish 2B Course
Spanish 3ASPAN303A0.5 Credit$399.00Spanish 3A Course
Spanish 3BSPAN303B0.5 Credit$399.00Spanish 3B Course
6th Grade MathMS Math0.5 Credit$299.006th Grade Math Course
7th Grade MathMS Math0.5 Credit$299.007th Grade Math Course
Calculus AMath-calc0.5 Credit$399.00Calculus A Course
Calculus BMath-calc0.5 Credit$399.00Calculus B Course
Consumer MathMath-con0.5 Credit$399.00Consumer Math Course
Course Algebra 1AMATH101APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Algebra 1A Course
Course Algebra 1BMATH101BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Algebra 1B Course
Course Algebra 2AMATH202APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Algebra 2A Course
Course Algebra 2BMATH202BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Algebra 2B Course
Course Geometry AMATH303APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Geometry A Course
Course Geometry BMATH303BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Geometry B Course
Course Pre-Algebra AMATH100APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Pre-Algebra A Course
Course Pre-Algebra BMATH100BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Pre-Algebra B Course
Middle School Pre-AlgebraMS Pre-Alg.0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Pre-Algebra Course
Pre-CalculusMath-precal0.5 Credit$299.00Pre-Calculus Course
TrigonometryMath-trig0.5 Credit$399.00Trigonometry Course
Course Biology ASCIE202APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Biology A Course
Course Biology BSCIE202BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Biology B Course
Course Chemistry ASCIE303APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Chemistry A Course
Course Chemistry BSCIE303BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Chemistry B Course
Course Earth Science ASCIE103AVEN0.5 Credit$299.00Course Earth Science A Course
Course Earth Science BSCIE103AVEN0.5 Credit$299.00Course Earth Science B Course
Course Life Science ASCIE100APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Life Science A Course
Course Life Science BSCIE100BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Life Science B Course
Course Physical Science ASCIE101APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Physical Science A Course
Course Physical Science BSCIE101BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Physical Science B Course
Course Physics ASCIEPhysics0.5 Credit$299.00Course Physics A Course
Course Physics BSCIEPhysics0.5 Credit$299.00Course Physics B Course
Middle School Earth ScienceMS ERTH SCI0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Earth Science Course
Middle School Life ScienceMS LIF SCI0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Life Science Course
Middle School Physical ScienceMS PHY SCI0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Physical Science Course
Social Studies
Course American History 1ASOCS202APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course American History 1A Course
Course American History 1BSOCS202BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course American History 1B Course
Course Civics 1ASOCS101AENT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Civics 1A Course
Course Civics 1BSOCS101AENT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Civics 1B Course
Course Geography 1ASOCS100APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Geography 1A Course
Course Geography 1BSOCS100BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course Geography 1B Course
Course U.S. Government ASOCS303APLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course U.S. Government A Course
Course U.S. Government BSOCS303BPLT0.5 Credit$299.00Course U.S. Government B Course
Economics 1AECON1000.5 Credit$299.00Economics 1A Course
Economics 1BECON1000.5 Credit$299.00Economics 1B Course
Middle School Civics Government and EconomicsMS GEC0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School Civics Government and Economics Course
Middle School MS US HistoryMS US Hist0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School MS US History Course
Middle School World HistoryMS W Hist0.5 Credit$299.00Middle School World History Course
World History 1ASOCS207AVEN0.5 Credit$299.00World History 1A Course
World History 1BSOCS207AVEN0.5 Credit$299.00World History 1B Course

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