Virginia Online High School

Excel High School is now approved by the Virginia Department of Education as a private, State approved and accredited high school. Excel recently completed registration process with the Virginia Council for Private Education, which is the agency charged with over site for Virginia private, accredited high schools. The High School currently serves students in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in all 50 States in the US. Excel is further expanding its national reach by providing Regionally accredited, online high school options, for more students within the State of Virginia.

Excel High School is Regionally accredited by AdvancED NCA, SACS and the NWAC, which accreditation is recognized by the State of Virginia  and the US Department of Education.

In 2012, there were almost 8,000 high school dropouts in the Commonwealth. Excel plans to work hard to help to reduce this number of dropouts, by providing convenient and affordable high school graduation opportunities. Excel plans to work with Virginia schools, both public and private, as well as community colleges, State prisons and community organizations to provide online high school options for undeserved populations.

Students’ dropout of high school for many reasons including pregnancy, substance abuse problems, family crisis, situations of bullying or general lack of interest. Excel is teaming up with up with partners to help solve the dropout problem, both within the State of Virginia and throughout the US.

Excel High School offers online high school options that specifically meet the diverse needs of students who need flexibility with their education.  Online courses are self paced and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a high speed Internet connection.  Excel’s online high school courses are rigorous and fun and and are based upon common core standards.

The high school prides itself on offering a student centered, nurturing approach to education, allowing students the opportunity to complete an accredited high school diploma entirely online. Excel has high school diploma options for both high school aged students and adults.  The school charges a nominal monthly tuition fee that encompasses an all inclusive program including, textbooks, lectures, lessons and teacher support.

If you are in need of an affordable, accredited online high school  program, Excel High School might just be the place for you! We are pleased to be serving students throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and then entire Country. For more information, call the school at (800) 620-3844.

Excel High School is a Division of Excel College.






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