Monthly Archives: January 2012

Getting into College

Have you considered going back to college, but found it to be challenging without a high school diploma or GED? Don't fret. Many adults are in the same boat. In order to get into college and to secure financial aid, you will need either a State issued GED, a High School Diploma or a High School Equivalency…
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GED vs. High School Equivalency Certificate

What is a high school equivalency certificate? A High School Equivalency Certificate or GED are designed for adults that have not finished high school, but need a credential to enroll into college or get a new job.  The High School Equivalency certificate or likewise, GED certificate, measure core competencies in the areas of: English, reading/writing,…
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Getting a High School Diploma or GED Online in 2012

There has never been a better time to earn your regionally accredited high school diploma or GED online. Maybe you have thought getting a GED Online is impossible, but the reality is that Excel High School offers flexible and affordable online high school and high school equivalency/GED online prep courses. Students can earn their accredited…
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