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Admission Guidelines
Admission Procedures
Student Registration Form 2007-2009

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Admissions Guidelines

This application is intended to help us get to know you and to ensure that our school is the right place for you. Please complete this application fully and honestly so that we can be sure to meet your needs.

  1. Registration materials: Applicants for full-time status may be admitted after completion of registration forms all other supporting documents, including prior school records and initial payment. Phone or face-to-face interviews may also be expected. Part-time applicants may be admitted upon completion of this application and initial payment.
  2. Motivation: : EHS recognizes that intellectual ability alone does not necessarily make a good student. Interest and motivation often may be the determining factors of a student's performance. We encourage students to bring their special qualities to the school, such as leadership ability, diversity and non-academic talents. All these factors should be used to help the parent and student determine if EHS is the optimal setting for the student to learn. We are here to help you succeed!
  3. Parent/Guardian Involvement: EHS believes that the learning environment for a student is most successful when there is a partnership among student, parents and school. Furthermore, the nature of Excel High School requires substantial parent involvement and supervision.
  4. Diversity: Excel High School values diversity within the student body and staff. EHS does not discriminate in admissions, retention or academic program on the basis of gender, creed, age, race, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, color, national origin, religion, public assistance status or any other protected class status defined by local, state or federal law.

Admissions Procedures

Students in grades 9-12 should follow the admissions procedures below:

  1. Thoroughly complete the Online Registration Form.
  2. Deliver the completed School Records Release Form to the student's current school and request that a copy of the student's records for the past two years be sent to EHS as soon as student placement is determined.
  3. When Excel High School has received the above application materials; the applicant's file is complete. At the grade levels where space is available, the counseling and admissions office will call candidates to schedule informational interviews in the order in which their registrations were submitted. Parents should participate in the interview, which may be face-to-face or via telephone conference call. The interview will also include a demonstration of the technology and tools that provide the backbone of the school.
  4. Following the interview, the Director of Counseling will call the student to discuss enrollment in the school.
  5. Once course selection and payment arrangements are finalized, students will be assigned an instructor and provided with course access.

Adult Students

1) Thoroughly complete the Online HSED/GED ® registration form and payment.
2) Submit previous official school transcripts.
3) Submit proof of identity (Valid government issued ID card) driver’s license, passport, etc

Registration Form

Apply Online via our Application Service

Download Printable Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Download Request for Transcript Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF) for age Under 18.

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