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Getting Your High School Diploma Online

If you want to earn your high school diploma online you should know that this route will not necessarily be the easiest route. There are many people who have jumped into getting their high school diploma online thinking that it would be a cinch. This happens to be very untrue. In a regular high school there is always some instructor there to monitor how your education is coming along. There is nothing like this with online courses. There is more independence when you enroll in a virtual high school. For us adults, this is a good thing. However, it can be a terrible thing as well. If you cannot keep yourself motivated and serious about getting your high school diploma, you will not be able to do this task online.

If you do any research on virtual high schools, you will come to find out that there are two basic kinds of online high school diploma programs. There are both commercial and public programs to choose from. Of course, both of these types have their pros and cons. You will want to explore both of these options for yourself to find out which one is right for you. Commercial programs for high school diplomas are not always a good choice, according to the Department of Education. These commercial programs include schools such as: National High School, Kaplan College Prep, and Penn Foster. These high school diploma programs are offered to the students for varying prices. The biggest advantage to this type of online diploma program is that will accept anyone regardless of their age. You must be careful with these programs, however. Some of these schools are not accredited and if they are not, they are no good to you at all.

Public programs are a bit different. The list of virtual schools on this end will include university based high schools, charter schools, and also State Department funded schools. There are some of these high schools that are free as well. This is a great help to anyone who is one a tight budget. The Department of Education recommends the use of public programs as their credibility is of less concern. These schools will be either regionally or nationally accredited or approved by a state’s Education Department. So, you will have no problem with a diploma from any of these schools being accepted. Unlike the commercial programs, these programs do have age requirements. In some states they are free up to the age of twenty one, but past that you should double check to be sure that you are eligible.

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